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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

레드애플(LEDApple)_Birthday Killer [HD]

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LEDApple sends a powerful message towards their anti-fans through their song, 'birthday killer'.

The group LEDApple has released their music video for 'birthday killer'.
'birthday killer' that was released through LEDApple's official youtube channel, steroyal, depicts LEDApple's unique characteristics and with the fast addictive melody and the strong sound. This song was all recorded solely by LEDApple.

In the 'birthday killer' MV, Kwang-Yeon suffers from the comments from his anti-fans and this leads to him deciding to commit a suicide. While the other members of LEDApple search for him, the music video depicts the idea of 'lets look for hope and freedom for others around you rather than commiting a suicide' as well as criticizing the anti-fans who leave heart-breaking comments these days.

The music video of 'birthday killer' which perfectly shows LEDApple's talented skills just like other music videos of theirs was released on the 20th through LEDApple's official Youtube channel, steroyal in many different languages.

LEDApple is a five-membered band which consists of JaeHoon (vocal), KyuMin (vocal,rap), YoungJun (guitar), KwangYeon (bass), and HyoSeok (drums) who performs dance as well released their mini-album title song, 'How Dare You' on the 16th of June.
Good bye Kim Heechul. See you after two years. Love, ELF

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